Senin, 17 Maret 2014

No offense.

Memories are reconstructed every time we think of them. 
Memories are not stored and retrieved the same way a video recorder works. Video recorder records everything in their’s objective reality. And when you watch the videos, it comes back out the same way it was recorded. 
However, human memories are subjected to our own perception and interpretation. Something such as our mood can change the way we see things. 

Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

Thank God, for the new age (:

Hey.. its 9 January already. I'm getting 20 years old. Still young right? haha please say yes! Xxx

First i have to say Thank to You God for this chance, U make me live more than 19 years of course. Hal yang pertama gue lakuin setelah jam nunjukin 00.00 adalah mikir dan nangis2 kecil. Yaaa setahun yg lalu khususnya beberapa saat sebelum ulang tahun gue cukup dapat ujian yang begitu luar biasa nyentuh because everything messed up hehe. Habis itu mikir lagi apa aja yang udh gue lakuin, apa yg udh gue dapet, apa aja yg udh Allah kasih semuanya bikin sedih. Ditambah keadaan yang jauh dari orang2 yang disayang bikin hari spesial ini kerasa ga ada maknanya. What if? What if? What if? The same question blow up om my mind.

This isnt the first time for me spending the special day just alone. Ulang tahun yang lalu gue juga kayak gini cuma dalam keadaan yg agak lebih baik. Tapi biarpun ngerayain sendiri gue tetep bersyukur masih dikasih waktu panjang buat sama orang-orang yang gue sayang.

In this special day, i have a lot of wish God, please make it true! U know what i want even my lips didnt say and my finger didnt typing, right? :)

Oh ya this is my first present from my best, ica. Ya even she didnt gave me for the birthday give but thanks so muchooo luvvv..

Okay enough. I have to continue my task. AKKKKKHHH Even this is my birthday i have to do my task. God, can u handle this? -_-
Good late night and early morning! I'll tell more about my special day, later!